• Leader of group 2 and the whole project

  • John MOORE (Beijing Normal University)
     [email protected]

    Research Professor at University of Lapland, Finland  (3 months/year). Guest professor, Polar Research Institute of China. 
    Research Activities: Geoengineering. Sea level rise prediction. Earth System Models. Atlantic hurricanes. Advanced computer modelling ice sheet dynamics. Authored 150 SCI articles ~6000 citations, H-index=37 Project work: In the Geoengineering project my main activities are leading the whole programme and group 2 activity on Earth System Model simulations of climate engineering. Particular aspects of interest include: land surface albedo modification schemes; low dimensional dynamics of the climate system; ocean heat transport and sea level; extreme events such as downscaling for tropical cyclones and their economic impacts.

  • Member:

  • JI Duoying (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: Duoying Ji aims to use Beijing Normal University Earth System Model (BNU-ESM) to simulate the large-scale responses of the climate system to different geo-engineering scenarios. These simulations will help to understand dynamical, physical and biogeochemical interactions under carbon dioxide remove (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM) schemes, and contribute to impact analysis at regional and global scales. 

  • ZHANG Zhihua (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: His research focuses on geoengineering include: (1) Teleconnection analysis based on GeoMIP data; (2) Assessment and policy recommendations on CCS, BECS, and other geoengineering schemes; (3) Impact of geoengineering schemes on various regions and discover regional difference.

  • CUI Xuefeng  (Beijing Normal University)

    Eamil:[email protected]
    Project work: The work is to investigate climate impacts of all different geoengineering scenarios from China perspective using data from simple model within group 1 and multi-model GeoMIP outputs within group 2. This will involve some dynamical downscaling or statistical downscaling skills to get high resolution relevant regional climate impacts information which is relevant to agriculture/energy/economy analysis within group 3.

  • TIAN Guangjin (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: (1) The urbanization process impact on urban heat island and haze pollution; (2) The efficacy of commonly proposed geoengineering, such as green roof, cool roof and hybrid approaches to ameliorate the warming; (3) The geoengineering impact on the human environment.

  • ZHANG Qian (Beijing Normal University)

    Project work: Global vegetation model, terrestrial biogeochemical cycles, land use change modeling, carbon-climate interactions in the Earth System Model

  • HE Bin (Beijing Normal University)

    Email: [email protected]
    Project Activities: Climate extremes (drought and temperature extremes) under geoengineering schemes;

  • Students:

  • CHEN Liyi (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: Ph.D Student from 2015, Geoengineering group. I will focus on the third topic around global change and social economic effects and will use DICE model and other relevant methods to explore what the global and regional economics and energy system would face under different mitigation scenarios with geoengineering.

  • CHENG Wei (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: The climate effects of Geoengineering based on desert simulation, analysis and optimization scheme design.

  • FANG Hangsan (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: Major Research Direction: Geoengineering Mechanisms of climate changes

  • FANG Songsong (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: We use the climate indices defined by the Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) to compare the impacts of solar dimming (G1) and stratospheric aerosol injection(G4) on extreme temperature and precipitation, based on daily output of multi-models in GeoMIP and CMIP5.

  • GUO XiaoRan (Beijing Normal University)
    Email: [email protected]

    Project work: ice sheet simulation

  • HONG Yu (Beijing Normal University)
    Email:[email protected]

    Project work: Analyze the response of ocean dynamics (temperatures, sea level and AMOC et al.) and the mechanism behind the responses to different Geoengineering strategies based on the multi-Model robust results of GeoMIP experiments.

  • LI Yemeng (Beijing Normal University)
    Email:[email protected]

    Project work: Simulate the evolution of small glaciers in Tibetan Plateau using a dynamic ice model Elmer/Ice and participate in ice shelf – ocean coupling work.

  • WANG Qin (Beijing Normal University)
    Email:[email protected]


  • XIA Yuwei (Beijing Normal University)
    Email:[email protected]

    Project work: Study the application of the coupled ocean-sea ice-ice shelf model in geoengineering, and the interaction between ocean, sea ice and ice shelf.

  • YU Xiaoyong (Beijing Normal University)
    Email:[email protected]

    Supervisor: Prof. Xuefeng Cui and Prof. John Moore
    My research focus on exploring (1) regional climate impact and inequality of geoengineering; (2) teleconnection change under geoengineering and its relation with the change of other important climate variables based on GeoMIP.