Theme 2: simulation of how GE mitigating climate warming

               2.1) With GE plans proposed by theme 1, improve parameter optimization of BNU earth system model(BNU-ESM)
               2.2) Using improved BNU-ESM, model the effects of different warming mitigation targeted GE plans (from theme 1) and typical GE plans on climate system. 
               2.3) Analyzing the influence of GE plans on China and Arctic regions, the intensity and frequency of extreme climate is our main concern.
               2.4) Using and analzying historical modeling results and observation data of GeoMIP Earth System modeling, reduce our modeling uncertainties and develop optimal Multi-Mode Methodology.
               2.5) Based on the results of GeoMIP experiments, compare the effects of GE plans on climate system.  Using Generalized extreme value theory of non- stationary time series to analyze the frequency, intensity and spatial-temporal characters