Summer School in 17-21 July 2017


Geoengineering the Climate: Impacts and the Developing World Summer School at Beijing Normal University 17-21 July 2017


Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is the most radical, controversial, and rapidly acting form of geoengineering. SRM is a set of proposals to reduce the impacts of climate change by means such as sulfate aerosol injection or marine cloud brightening. This school will focus on interpreting and analysing computer simulation of SRM from the international Geoengineering Intercomparison project (GeoMIP) consortium of 12 Earth System models. We will also investigate social and ethical aspects of SRM. The GeoMIP simulation and data are from large computer systems that are not available in the developing world, and inaccessible with typical internet speeds. This the school will equip developing world researchers with the state-of-the-art simulation results on geoengineering, and the knowledge of how to use these results in their own studies.


John Moore (Chief scientist, GCESS, BNU), Duoying Ji (GCESS, BNU), Long Cao (Zhe Jiang University, 973 geoengineering program), Ying Chen (CASS, 973 geoengineering program), Pete Irvine (Harvard University), Doug MacMartin (Cornell University), Masa Sugiyama (Tokyo University), Andy Parker (Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative).


The summer school will train researchers and advanced students with an expertise in their local climate change impacts in the developing world.  The essential local knowledge and impact models needed for understanding and predicting climate change scenarios have not considered geoengineering climates. These impacts may be, for example, in the effects of large storms or typhoons, floods, droughts, or agricultural production. The students will be given GeoMIP data on a disk to keep.


京师科技大厦B座 520,(北京师范大学南院,北京市海淀区学院南路12号)


 If you want to join us or for further information please contact Prof. Moore's office, [email protected]